Saturday, September 22, 2007

When doubts creep in

Dear Sister

Today, in my devotional time I was reading Luke 7:18-35. John sent messengers to Jesus to check if Jesus was the Messiah (v 19-20). And I'm thinking 'Um, John aren't you the prophert sent to prepare people for Jesus? Didn't you just baptise Jesus? (Luke 3:21-25) Shouldn't you know who Jesus is?'
I guess it shows that everyone has doubts at times. It's not the doubts that are the problem, it's what we do with them. John took his doubts to Jesus. Jesus reminded him of who HE was.

When we have doubts (and I mean when, not if) we need to go to Jesus. We need to be remined of who He is. Read the Bible, remember times he has been faithful in your life, listen to others tell of when he was faithful to them. Then cling to the truth of who Jesus is.

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Rachel said...

Hi, Erin! Just found your blog. Lovely to have a fellow blogger! I'll bookmark you and be back. Great post about prayer eariler. Very challenging and thought provoking.

Love ya.