Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why I seperated my blogs

Why have two blogs? Wouldn't it be easier to have just one? Probably - but I've never been someone to do things the easy way (unfortunately).

Letters to a Younger Sister (this blog - it's name kind of relates to Titus 2, and being an 'older' girl at church I want to start trainging up the younger girls) started kind of for myself. I wanted a place to keep all the things I have been learning and verses I like. Normally I have so many different notebooks and pieces of paper that I can never find that thought, or verse or idea when I want to. Hopefully the categories/tag things will help with that.
I also wanted a place that I could send girls to and know that the links would be stuff I had read and thought was useful. I didn't want lots of fun, but ultimately distracting links. I wanted everything to be encouraging or edifying.

So I started Letters, but then I wanted to post things like "Look at what I made!" (As if I wasn't egotistical enough, I had to share it with the world - shame : )) and decided that I didn't really want that on this blog. So I started Purple Frangipani. (named so becasue purple is my favourite colour and frangipani's are the most gorgeous flower in the world - according to me anyway)

That's not to say Purple Frangipani won't have lots about my faith on it, or that Letters will be void of any personal details - trying to separate my faith and my life is impossible!

They just have different intentions, but I hope you enjoy them both :)

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