Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Desire to Lead

Tonight at Bible study (it was on Marriage and Divorce) I was asked what I would look for in a husband. I could answer without hesitation (because, you know, I think about it every now and then. Ahem) "Godliness and a desire to lead."
I could go on with more minuet details such as mission minded, love children, open to living simply etc etc. But I think those two things (Godliness and a desire to lead) are two things that are especially important and non-negotiable.

Isn't a 'desire to lead' part of Godliness? I believ it should be. But in our modern society so many 'godly' men are willing to sit back and let women lead; in the church, the family and society. One of the things that the church has adopted from the world that I feel is especially harmful is women becomeing the spiritual leaders, while men take the back seat. We want to be politically correct instead of first seeing what God has to say about it.

It is hard, women see a lack in an area and feel they could fulfill the gap, instead of encouraging a man to take up his responsibility. Men feel the need is being met without much effort on their part and are happy to keep it that way.
Soon women are heading up so many parts of the church; youth ministry, music ministry, outreach, and much more. Do I think women shouldn't be involved? NO! Women should definatly be involved in their church but men need to take up their God given responsibility to be the spiritual leaders.

So that is why I pray for a husband who is willing and able to be the spiritual and physical head of our family.

I also pray for godly men to take up leadership positions in our church, to lead our church and to help train up the younger men in their responsibilities. Will you join me in this?

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Nicole said...

hello, dear!
can't agree more... thanks for stopping by my blog... i see we must have a lot in common from the little i've seen on your blog.
can't wait to get to know you more -- it's always wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. (especially when it comes to chocolate!)