Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogging in step with the Spirit

Dear Sister

While going through some older articles on Boundless I came across this one about blogging as a Christian.
It made me pause and think about why I blog, and who I am to be sharing with others. This blog is specifically to share what God is teaching me. I do not want people to feel that I think I am perfect. Far from it. I am reminded day after day what a sinful person I am. I can only trust that as I strive to grow closer to God He is changing me to be more like him.

Blogging is another form of talking and so all the commands God gives us regarding our words should be followed just as closely when writing.
I seek to encourage rather than criticise, and I pray that if I stray from that goal, God will send someone to rebuke me in love.

I also think it is important for me to remember the comments that I leave on other peoples blog. It is so easy to react angrily to something I disagree with, instead I should remember that just because I can comment doesn't mean I should.

One of the downfalls about blogging is that it is written. We can't always see the emotion that a person would be able to communicate in person. It is so easy to read things the wrong way. I need to be clear in what I write, and give people the benefit of the doubt about what they have written.

I'm not going to stop posting, but pray that God will continue to bring out the fruits of the Spirit in all that I do, whether in my daily life or in what I write.

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