Thursday, December 20, 2007

The King of Christmas

Let the Christmas Tree remind you of the one who trusts the Lord,
who walks the path of Godliness and loves to hear God's word.
Pray that as you grow up that just how you will be;
Standing tall for Jesus like a Christmas tree.

Let the fairy lights remind you of that bright and shining star,
followed by the wise men who travelled from afar.
They can Jesus all their presents and they worshiped him that night;
Let your worship of King Jesus shine like fairy lights!

May the candy cane remind of God's amazing grace;
Red the blood of Jesus as He suffered in our place,
White the full forgiveness won as Jesus rose again.
You can tell your friends the gospel with a Candy cane!

May all the gifts at Christmas time fill your heart with praise.
God for all his goodness shown in all so many ways;
that every day in every way we'll be completely his.
Give your life to Jesus as a Christmas gift!

Let your love grow
Let your faith show
That everyone will know - Christ the King of Christmas!

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